Everything you Need to Know about Automated Home Security

Everything you Need to Know about Automated Home Security

Safety, comfort and convenience are what we all want in a home. Investing in an automated home security system can offer you all three. The history and timeline of automated security are pretty fascinating. 

For years, many scientists, engineers and researchers have put their minds together to invent technology that can think for itself. The 1930s already saw inventors turn their interest to home automation. Although the technology was years away from perfection, automated homes and smart appliances were introduced at the World Fair that same year.

Television has also, for many years, sold the idea of an automated future. Robot servants like Rosie from the Jetsons (1962) was set in a “futuristic” 2026, and who would not want Tony Stark’s high-tech mansion in Iron Man. Another well-known high-tech home is the McFly House from Back to the Future. Their food hydrating oven makes a pizza in five seconds. But where does that leave your home’s security system?

A home automation system will monitor and control your home attributes. It can easily adjust lighting, climate, and appliances. It also includes home security systems such as access control, locking systems and alarm systems.

Other than the impeccable security an automated system offers, the other reason it is so popular is because of its convenience. The concept has been around for years. Essentially the idea is only about two things. Automation and remote control. Not a complex concept at all. Why has it taken homeowners so long to catch on?

Get it automated

From using remote controls to open doors and window dressings to smoke alarms and motion sensors, the world of automated home security has evolved over many years, ensuring the tech we have available today is very effective and technologically advanced. 

Advances aside, automated home security and safety have also saved many lives. Smoke detectors alone can prevent the risk of dying in a fire by 50%. Home and business owners alike want security that is convenient with ease to control. 

Being able to control your home’s automation with a suitable WiFi connection and your smartphone is easy. Setups are not complex either, and some devices even offer plug and play options.

That is the key to good security. Having peace of mind, knowing your home and business are safe places – where even if you were not there, you could still take action.

Sensing Danger

Smart security sensors are an advanced measure that applies to many home security applications. CCTV can be activated with sensors, for example, but smart security goes further than that. There are a variety of sensors used to make sure your home is safe and running optimally. Electric current sensors, humidity sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, proximity sensors, heat sensors, flow sensors, fluid velocity sensors, and infrared sensors are all commonly used. 

The experts at RGBSI explain how sensors work simply. “A smart sensor is a device that uses a transducer to collect a specific type of data from a physical environment (outside or inside). It takes that information and uses computing resources that are built into the sensor to perform a predefined and programmed function on the specified type of data it is collecting. It then passes that data on via a networked connection. Smart sensors have a small amount of memory and processing architecture to aggregate to eliminate errors and noise from results before sending them to a centralised cloud computing source for collection”.

To the future

When we consider smart homes, they go further than just security. Lowering your carbon footprint is essential and automated homes help us do that. Eco homes are smart homes because they use renewable energy sources and in general, produce less waste. 

So you may not be popping a dehydrated pizza into your hydrator oven soon, but If you are serious about a brighter future for your home and the planet, consider an integrated home security automation system. 

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