Five Ways to Protect your Business Premises

Five Ways to Protect your Business Premises

Protecting your business and employees is essential. Thanks to technological advances, top security for your business is easier to implement now than ever before. With physical assets and people to protect, it is important to consider this smart investment for your business.

Secure your Building

First things first. Secure your building with the basics. Make sure your access points can be locked and secured. This includes doors, windows and sliding doors. 

Adequate lighting and an alarm system is a good first line of defence. Many burglaries are unplanned and opportunists will take advantage of any weakness in your building’s basic security. An alarm system is very important. It is the all-seeing eye when no one is around.

Protect your Staff and Customers

Your staff and customers want to feel safe at all times. They need to know that there are security measures in place should anything go wrong. Besides keeping an eye out for suspicious activity, businesses should offer their staff and customers more peace of mind. 

Make sure your staff is aware of what to do in an emergency situation. General emergency training is vital to creating a safe environment for your employees and clients. 

Security guards offer peace of mind and professionalism in any emergency situation. Security guards patrolling your premises on foot can keep the property safe by reporting any suspicious behaviour or interactions.

Adding guarding personnel to a premise that already has CCTV and an alarm system tightens your security. It is important to keep track of who is on your property at all times. You may also want to consider installing panic buttons or fire alarms.

Access Control

In most cases, your staff can access your premises and certain areas that customers cannot. Limiting access adds a layer of security and professionalism.

Access control ensures that your business uses the best technology to mitigate the most profound risk South Africans face today.

CCTV is an excellent choice for identification but small facial details can be difficult to identify. The recent use of face masks amid COVID-19 has also given criminals an opportunity to take advantage of not being easily recognised.  

Limit access to your property by having visitors check in with identification. Giving access passes also help to control who comes in and out of your property.

Stop Trespassers

Make sure there is a clear policy in place for dealing with break-ins. This will include what action to take if the burglar tries to force entry. 

Fencing and automated gates are other deterrents to keep intruders out. Fencing secures your property and creates a clear boundary for anyone passing by. Aesthetically, fancy fencing can also give your exterior a quick makeover. Fencing also increases the value of your property, making it an obvious choice when investing in securing your property.

Automated gates offer better security by increasing perimeter control. They significantly reduce the risk of break-ins and vandalism. Automated gates also keep unauthorized vehicles at bay.

Sense Danger

Hornet Security can help you automate your security too. With smart door and window sensors, you can take your security to the next level. These sensors monitor the opening and closing of doors and windows. This can be integrated with an alarm system to optimise their function even more. 

Smart flood sensors have become a game-changer for business property owners. Water damage can be irreversible and prevention is by far better than cure in this case. These sensors can detect water and alert you should there be any leaking or flooding. 

Kick things up a notch with multi-sensors that react to changes in motion, lighting, temperature and humidity. You can be notified in real-time to take action when you need to!

Hornet Security Solutions distribute and install high-quality CCTV equipment, electric fencing, alarm systems, communication networks, guard monitoring equipment and access control systems.

Creating a culture around tightened security should be encouraged at all times. Contact a Hornet Security Solutions specialist to evaluate the security vulnerabilities on your business premises today.

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