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Service Overview

expert Guarding

HSS provides onsite guarding, armed response and offsite monitoring solutions. We incorporate offsite monitoring and guard roll call to ensure guards are active and on duty. Our monitoring service seeks to prevent property theft and damage and effectively deters criminals from posing a threat to people residing or working at the property.

Our proactive approach is designed to prevent crimes. We install CCTV and alarm systems strategically and monitor these systems from our head office. 

Our guards are trained and managed by our key partner, Indawo Primary Cooperative, according to SASETA standards.

Indawo Primary Cooperative was established to improve the quality of guard training and availability of guards for security company clients. Indawo is a level 2 BEE contributor, with a 75% black owned Ownership/Directorship.

If you reach out to us, you will be connected with a knowledgeable professional that can provide you with expert advice and an accurate quotation. Our guarding services are subject to a 12 month fixed monthly service agreement that can be cancelled with one calendar month’s advanced notice.

What We Offer

Types of Guarding

Hornet Security Solutions offer the following security guard services:

Onsite Guarding

AT HSS we monitor our trained guards and armed response team consistently, ensuring both their safety as well as your own. Monitoring and guarding is the perfect combination as a proactive deterrent to crime. 


Our guards stay fresh and alert because they are rotated regularly and given enough time to recover between shifts. Every shift is monitored and checked by a shift captain.


Our guards are professional and proactive because they are trusted members of our team.


Armed Response

Connected armed response technology – we help people stay safe by enabling faster access to emergency services, and shorter response times. This is done through a cloud based app.


Our virtual control room receives and interprets all alarms from any type of base station while emergency services dispatch is automated.


Our communication network allows for immediate correspondence between law enforcement, armed response, tactical responders, and medical services to ensure you get the help you need without wasting precious time.


We partner with local armed response to complete the service if we don’t have our own armed response in the area. 


Offsite Monitoring

Our virtual control room allows us to monitor all CCTV and alarm systems remotely in order to prevent crime. This ensures that we can respond to a crisis immediately.


Our Cloud based connected monitoring system allows us to stream video anywhere in the world. We’ve connected it to our armed response software for alarm triggering and automatic response.


Our decentralized approach gives our team and you as the customer the ability to monitor business assets from anywhere in the world.


Offsite monitoring is available country-wide throughout South Africa.