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hornet security team

Safety and security are important to all South Africans. Globally, South Africa ranks as one of the most dangerous places in the world. According to a survey by the Global Peace Index, this is based on determining factors like societal safety and security, levels of violent crimes like murder and rape and domestic conflict in terms of dangerous civil protests, etc.

How we take measures against the realities in South Africa and who we trust to assist us in optimal safety and security comes down to a few basic dependables. Trust, reliance and implementation. You can depend on Hornet Security Solutions (HSS) as a fully compliant, cutting edge security company based in the East Rand of Johannesburg, servicing the entire Gauteng

Team expertise

When it comes to your safety, expertise and experience is critical. The Hornet Security team has over 20 years of experience in general security and IT. This allows the unique advantage of combining security systems and solutions with state-of-the-art technology that is effective and trustworthy. 

Hornet’s expertise and technologies help the team easily identify and mitigate risks and effectively prevent criminal activity at your home or business.

The hornet's nest

Any security company can offer you safety solutions, but not everyone can guarantee that they understand your unique situation and what you require for optimal security. 

Hornet’s security teams strongly focus on home and business security and incorporate excellent digital tools and automation to make security features more accessible and easy to manage. 

The hornet security team distributes and installs high-quality CCTV equipment, electric fencing, alarm systems, communication networks, guard monitoring equipment and access control for your home and business. 

Further, HSS is an accredited provider of certifications for gas, electrical and perimeter fence installations. HSS also audits security systems to ensure that they are an effective deterrent to crime and comply with regulatory standards. HSS is also PSIRA compliant, giving you peace of mind.

Reach out to Hornet Security Solutions via email or visit our services page for more information on safety and security solutions. 

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