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Service Overview

Security System Installations

HSS distributes and installs high quality CCTV equipment, electric fencing, alarm systems, communication networks, guard monitoring equipment and access control to ensure that your business uses the best technology to mitigate the most profound risk South African’s face today.

Our 20 years of experience building and operating security systems have taught us how to build customer friendly solutions that focus on ease of use. We use the latest technology to ensure that your security solution is effective at preventing crime, and is simple and convenient to use.

HSS currently serves customers in South Africa and we are expanding our service offering all the time.

If you reach out to us, you will be connected with a knowledgeable professional that can provide you with expert advice and an accurate quotation. Once you accept, you pay 60% before the work starts and the remaining 40% when the work is completed to your satisfaction.

What We Do Best

Security Installation Services

Hornet Security Solutions offer the following security system installations:

Home Automation

Hornet Security Solutions offer the following home automation security installation services: 

  • Smart Door and Window Sensors – These sensors monitor the opening and closing of doors and windows and can be combined with a siren, RGB bulb etc. to create an effective home security system.

  • Smart Flood Sensor – These sensors detect the presence and/or absence of water, alerting you in the event of any leaking or flooding occurring.

  • Multi-Sensors – Home multi-sensors react to motion, lighting, temperature and humidity changes in real time, all in one package.

Security Installations

Our proactive approach is designed to prevent crimes. We install CCTV and alarm systems strategically and monitor these systems from our Virtual Control Room at the HSS head office.


Our decentralized approach to security operations gives our team the ability to monitor business assets from anywhere in the world and respond to threats to your personnel and your property instantly.


HSS coordinates with local law enforcement, security personnel, guards, tactical responders and emergency medical services to ensure the best possible help is on it’s way, no matter what situation you find yourself in.