Ways to Increase Security over the Holidays

Ways to Increase Security over the Holidays

The holidays are almost here, and it has become a custom practice to take added security measures over the festive season in South Africa. According to a recent study, house break-ins are still the number one crime in South Africa. It is important to increase security this time of year.

Stats SA shares that the number of households that experienced burglaries increased from 2,1 million in 2015/16 to 2,3 million in 2019/20. Incidents also peak during the December holidays.

With more of us working from home and schooling our children from home, the contents of our homes now also include expensive office equipment, over and above our other valuable belongings. Spending more time in our homes also means home security is essential to our newly accustomed lifestyles. 

The same goes for our business premises’. Many organisations within the manufacturing, engineering and construction sectors shut down for an entire month over December.  The time away from the office gives intruders a lot of opportunities to break in and potentially hurt the staff you have on the premises at the time. 

We share a few security options to consider before the holidays kick-off. 

Increase Security

Doors and windows are where most intruders attempt to enter your home. Your doors and windows need to be optimised for security purposes. But this is stating the obvious; therefore, an excellent first step that can eliminate attempts by intruders is electric fencing and professional alarm systems. 

Premises’ surrounded by electric fencing can deter intruders effectively at a relatively affordable price. Properties with electric fencing as a security barrier are less likely to be broken into for apparent reasons. It is essential to ensure your electric fencing is adequately maintained to always work in top condition.

Alarm systems are another excellent line of defence towards a safer environment for you, your business and your family. With many smart automation options available that sync with your alarm system and make managing as simple as possible, it is now easier than ever to set yourself up with a state of the art alarm system.

Alarm systems are also an excellent way to eliminate the stress that a lack of security can cause. 

Smart  Security

Home automation has made it easy for many to manage and have quick access to their home or business’s security setup. Smart homes are more than just applications that help you turn your lights on and off. 

“Smart home” is also used interchangeably with “connected home”. Smart homes and homes with appliances that connect to the internet are slightly different. Home appliances do not become smart just because they connect to the internet, and your robot vacuum cleaner also doesn’t apply here. 

The “smart” in smart security is applied when we talk about security elements like motion sensors. Multi-sensors can also react to motion, lighting, temperature and humidity changes in real-time. Sensors are the key to excellent automated security. Motion and audio recordings can also be activated when movement is detected, making it innovative and sustainable. 

Home automation setups only require a stable WIFI connection and expert installation to help you increase your security.  Some trends in home automation include advanced locking systems for doors, temperature control, stylish devices that suit your decor style and access to quick security in emergencies.

The All-Seeing Eye

Increase security with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), which has been around for many years and still offers some of the best security measures. As mentioned above, if you have an automated security system installed, your security cameras can start recording on-demand or when motion is detected.

Security cameras offer an all-seeing eye when no one else is around. It is great for dangerous areas, where security staff may not be an option for 24 hours, seven days a week. Your CCTV equipment also needs to be maintained and updated regularly to work optimally.

After experiencing a crime with CCTV nearby, there is nothing worse to find out that it never worked when the crime was committed. It happens. 

Ready to up your security game? Reach out to Hornet Security Solutions via email or visit our services page for more information.

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